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Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser

2024 Generous donations made by:

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Our 2024 Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser for Youth raised $3600 to split beween Eastmont, Wenatchee, Chelan, Manson, Leavenworth and Cashmere School Districts!  Thank you, Everyone for your support. Let's try this again in 2025!

At The Surface....

You know that Whisky Trail loves music – well, because we’re a band, naturally.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll recognize the vast majority of songs strike a cord (pun?) with some point in your life.  Perhaps a time of development, new beginnings, a challenge, a love.  Music can tap into that memory, like a scent, re-awakening emotions.  Music has power, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it.


Over The years....

Over the years, music has brought people together, from all corners of the world, from all demographics, on either side of the “fence”. What we often forget is when WE were first introduced to the music that would shape us.  Whether it was a lullaby you heard as an infant, music on the radio when you were out driving with dad (who else had a jeep or old pick up, growing up?), music on Sunday or were you awoken to it when you had to play the recorder in elementary school?

Many communities encourage participation in a concert band by 5th grade.  Developmentally,  it makes sense because you are learning to read music, like a new language, and it helps set the stage for mathematics being introduced around this time.  Sometimes, these 5th and 6th grade bands are the first exposure to classical music, music history, music theory.  As young people head into high school, those friends they made during marching band or even jazz band, can help ease the transition, reducing the stress of being at the bottom of the food chain once again.  Eventually you might pick up other genres, other friends, other memories, but it starts at that earliest times.


It's personal to us....

Follow us on to hear our personal stories over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your support as we launch the first Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser.



Each and every member of Whisky Trail started music this way and it’s a huge part of our life. It might be part of your story as well, in fact, we can pretty much guarantee you or someone you love, has been a participant in a music program at some point.   So it is with great honor that we announce our first Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser. 


The Goal....

Our goal is to provide funds to local school districts to support music education.  Whether it’s by identifying a student at risk of dropping out due to a challenging home-life situation, a financial hardship where instrument rentals aren’t in the budget, or private lessons for promising students that wouldn’t otherwise be able to benefit from them, or perhaps a trip for music education away from the immediate area (We see you Lional Hampton!).    We’ll leave the decision up to the individual school, with the hope they share where the funds were best used.    We’d like to be able to donate to the following school districts where we either attended, have close ties or perform in those communities: Wenatchee School District, Eastmont School District, Cashmere School District, Chelan School District and Leavenworth School District.


Your Support...

To accomplish this goal, we need your support.  100% of whatever you can share, $5, $10, $100, or more, between March 1, 2024 and March 16, 2024, will go to the Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser.  You may donate using the Venmo link below OR by cash donations at these two events: March 15 at Union Hill Cider Co in East Wenatchee and March 16 at Riverhouse Cigar Bar in Wenatchee. If you cannot attend the live events and choose to donate online through Venmo, simply put “WT Fundraiser” in the memo line.  Additionally 100% of proceeds from the sale of merch at any event through March 16, 2024 and ALL tips from those two events will go towards our donation.  We are open to donation-match sponsors, if your business feels the power of music and would like to make a difference in a young person (or peoples) life.

Venmo @WhiskyTrailBand


Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser

3/1 - 3/16/24

Whisky Trail Music Fundraiser info at

Venmo @WhiskyTrailBand

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