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A Sound Steeped in Connections

Whisky Trail is a three-time Best Band winning ensemble that performs classic rock covers throughout the region. While they can be a bit cheeky in their acronyms, they refer to their audience as Friends, not Fans.... and nothing is as satisfying as when Whisky Trail Friends are on  their feet dancing the night away. Whisky Trail performs year round as either a three to five piece rock band, or a two to three piece acoustic band.  For smaller footprints, our Kilted lead performs acoustically as Taste of Whisky.   Our goal is to take you for a ride in the way-back machine, evoking the memories and nostalgia of your favorite tunes from simpler times.  You are invited to follow us on Facebook (WhiskyTrail),  Instagram or TikTok (@WhiskyTrailBand) or check our website at  Facebook Events has the latest up to date information on upcoming performances.  For booking information, please email



Lead Singer, Bass, Guitar

The ever-kilted Virgil, has been playing music for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family where music brought them together. Over the years he's played with small ensembles as a guest artist, including with his daughter, local performer Elaine.  Summer 2021, he performed with local band No Promises before forming Whisky Trail at the end of the year with friends, Brent and Chris. Four months, later the band was honored to be awarded 2022 Wenatchee World's Best Band, followed by a second World's Best Band for 2023. Virgil performs as either as a solo, part of a duo, trio or even the full five-piece ensemble!


Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Chris, our lead guitarist, bassist and back-up vocalist, has performed for over 12 years in various bands playing anything from country music (with Scott Smith and Kayla Newland) to modern rock (with Fill The Silence and Morella) and even metal (with Unspoken Fury and Abstracted Volition). Much to our pleasure, his roots have always been in classic rock!


Skyler Ellis


Skyler, our drummer, has a connection to music deep-rooted in his upbringing.  During his formative years, he cites Mike Conrad, percussion teacher, as being instrumental to his development and encouraging Skyler's strong passion for jazz.   He has ventured into various music genres over the past few years, including a pop-rock group called Stereo Rewind, and a rock/alt band called Son, Rise. His youthful enthusiasm, mastery of rhythmic skills and knowledge of music theory, made him an easy addition to Whisky Trail's line-up.

Cory Fowler

Guitar, Drums, Backup Vocals

Cory, our most recent addition, has been playing music for over 30 years, starting with piano and then moving to guitar as a teenager.  Jamming to his father's  classic rock cassettes (remember those?), he played every day after school.  Quite by accident, he picked up drums when a friend left his kit in the garage.  Classic rock, grunge, and death metal were early influences on his playing choices, providing him the perfect background to sculpt his playing style with Whisky Trail.),


Elaine Eagle

Keyboard,  Vocals

Berklee School of Music graduate, 50% of the local band End of the Line, female lead and pianist in the Pink Floyd Tribute Band Artemidorus; and professional singer songwriter solo artist since 2015, Elaine is one busy lass!  You can catch her all over the region performing original and covers, classical, pop, folk, and rock at a variety of venues.  Elaine was welcomed to the Whisky Trail Family in 2022 as part of our "Taste of Whisky" subgroup, but now we're blessed to share any stage her busy schedule allows. i

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